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Dressage Stallions Rohdiamant & Rubinstein I

Rohdiamant Dressage Stallion 1990

Approved Oldenburg, Hanoverian, Westphalian, Rheinlander, Bayern, Hessen.
Bay, 16.2hh

Rohdiamant being of 'noble birth', He is a descendant of the most successful dressage bloodlines in the world and was destined for stardom. After winning the approvals in 1992, Rohdiamant won the Oldenburg Riding Horse championships in Rastede in 1993 and became a Federal champion at Mannheim and runner-up in the stallion performance test. In 1994 he won 6 novice and elementary dressage tests in 6 starts.He was champion dressage horse of his generation in Oldenburg and main premium stallion in 1994.Rohdiamant three times received the score of 10.00 from extraneous riders, becoming the sensational unequivocal winner in the dressage index with a score of 150.01 points, ahead of his half-brother Rubirando. The dark tan horse left no doubts as to his class at the federal championship of three-year olds, becoming champion under Martina Hannöver.

The success story of the undoubtedly most outstanding Rubinstein son thus far was just as skyrocket like as that of his sire: Federal champion 5-year old dressage horse, wins in Grand Prix competitions on the international stage, selected for the American Olympic team under Lisa Wilcox. The breeding aspect is likewise dotted with exceptional situations. At his premium age class of 1994, a Rohdiamant-Landadel foal was sold at the Vechta May auction for the sensational sum of DM 50.000. Two years later this young stallion was approved and awarded the 1-e premium under the name of Rabano. Then in 1998 Rohdiamant, who was awarded the main national premium in 1994 demonstrated what he was really worth.

At the Rastede Schlosspark, he presented the spruce mare Reine Seide as the champion of the Oldenburg Elite Show. Not long after, at the Federal Three-Year Old Riding Horse Championship, the Warendorf state stallion Roman Nature was at the very forefront. What's more, at the Oldenburg stallion Days in the Wesser-Ems Hall, the sire from Cappeln stole the show: Royal Dance, a noble liver chestnut with strong gaits was declared champion stallion. What a feat ! In the FN breeding value rating for dressage, Rohdiamant received second place with a score of 154 points in 1999. Ronaldo, the year 2000 vice-champion five-year old dressage horse in Warendorf had one year earlier been the glorious champion of the four-year olds. The covetousness of the dark diamond horse remains unbroken. The top horse of the autumn 2000 Vechta auction Royal Olymp, who was sold for DM 520.000 has no less than Rohdiamant as his sire. To date, Royal Olymp is the second most expensive horse ever auctioned in Vechta.

Rosenkavalier AA Romandour II
Antine Angelo
Elektia 5


Elektia Chronist

Rubenstein I - Dressage Stallion 1986


Westphalian Oldenburg Hessen Hanovarian, Bavarian Baden-Wurttemberg, Trakehner KWPN

Rubinstein I is a son of the Westphalian Romadour II son Rosenkavalier. who was a stallion performance test winner and is considered to be one of the most significant Westphalian sires today He was reared from the probably most eminent dressage dynasty world-wide. The dam Antime is a full-sister of the top international dressage horse Ahlerich 2 / Dr. Reiner Klimke and Amon / Annemarie Sanders-Keyzer (NL).

She later produced 2 further stallion sons, Rubinstein II (Sanders-Keyzer stables / NL) and Rubinstein III.Her full-sister Adone gave birth to the multiple Olympics champion Rembrandt 24 / Nicole Uphoff as well as the stallions Royal Angelo I and II (Westphalia) respectively.The top dressage horses Ramon 64 / Uta Wusthof and Rosario 14/ Sabine Ruben. The stallions Romancier and Ritterstern (Denmark). Rhythmic Dancer (Austria) as well as Flower King D (NL) and numerous other performance horses also represent this dynasty.Already at a young age, Rubinstein can look back upon a tailor-made career.

He was winner of the Optimum of Conformation Show Horses in Munster in 1990,1-a main premium winner in Oldenburg. vice-champion German dressage horse in Verden in 1992, multiple Oldenburg dressage champion, series winner of dressage competitions up to advanced class and multiple Intermediaire II and Grand Prix winner.Meanwhile Rubinstein I has won one dressage competition after the other with his rider Nicole Uphoff in the international dressage arena Rubinstein is known as a great improver for the breed.He consistently passes on his wonderful temperament and movement. The youngstock of Rubinstein are very popular with riders professional and amateur for their willingness to please. From his first crop Rohdiamant presented some premium foals and the top priced lot of the May Sales in Vechta: RTL was sold for 50,000 DM.

Three exceptional horses that achieved great feats. The special thing about them being that they are all very closely related to Rubinstein. Rubinstein's dam Antine is the full-sister of Amon and Ahlerich as well as the mare Adone, who together with Romadour II gave birth to Rembrandt. What's more, Romadour II is the grandsire of Rubinstein with his gold plated pedigree. And what a pedigree it is! This was exactly what caused Gudula Vorwerk-Happ to take notice. A stallion from this world-wide probably unparalleled family, ritzy, black and what's more, cheap. The exceptional sire cost a mere DM 35.000 as a three-year old. Before this he had been rejected for the Westphalian approvals at an inspection meeting. The officials tersely said that he was "too small, not enough horse, with defects on the hind leg not suitable for approval". Yet De Baey had faith in the black horse, did not have him castrated and shortly afterwards welcomed Vorwerk-Happ with the Oldenburg approvals commission to his studfarm. They in turn were impressed and above all wanted to secure themselves the valuable blood for their breeding region. That confirmed it and Rubinstein went to Oldenburg where the black horse was given every opportunity to prove himself.

The double world champion and fourfold European champion was the world's most successful dressage horse for a long time. His full-brother Amon also took part in the Olympic Games three times (if one includes Rotterdam in 1980) and was the most successful dressage horse of the Netherlands under Annemarie Sanders-Keyzar, where he was considered to be unbeatable for a long time, gaining the Dutch Championship title seven times. In October of 2000, Amon passed away at the ripe old age of 32 years. Then there is Rembrandt, the elegant dancer, who with Nicole Uphoff glided through the big dressage arenas of the world, enchanting the public with his fantastic agility. He won individual and team gold with his rider twice, making her the youngest Olympic champion of all times, breaking the sonic barrier of the magic 1500 points delimitation in 1990 and becoming world champion.

Romadour II Romulus I
Diva Dilettant
Antine B

Angelo xx

Oliveri xx
Antibes xx
Dodona Donar

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