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Stallions Weltgeist and Havel


Stallion 1991
Approved Hanoverian, Westphalian,
Oldenburg, Rheinlander.
Black, 17hh
In 1994
Weltgeist passed the stallion performance test in Munster-Handorf finishing 6th of 54 participants with a performance rating 10.He scored the top results of 10 for character and 9.5 for rideability and was 2nd top for dressage. The sire Weltmeyer has to be regarded as a reformer if not as a wonder of the world in Hanoverian breeding. Weltmeyer won the approval and stallion performance test and was Federal champion and DLG champion stallion. Weltmeyers' breeding record is equally notablee with 24 approved stallions and 67 state premium mares.His dams sire, Volturno, ridden by Otto Ammermann, was one of the most successful eventers for many years being German champions in 1978, 1980 and in 1976 they were the team silver medallists at the Montreal Olympics.

WeltgeistA PSI auction-price record breaking, Weltgeist, also comes from one of the most important dynasties in Germany. His sire, Weltmeyer, was not so much a world wonder as he was a world changer, well beyond the confines of the Hanoverian breeding area. Weltmeyer has proved to be a revolution for countless breeders, giving German horse breeding an impetus never seen before that extended beyond Germany's borders. His dam's sire, Volturno, a son of the legendary thoroughbred, Vollkorn xx, took first to third place in 27 international three-day events, won team silver at the Olympics and was a successful participant at the World Championships, making him one of the most successful event horses in the world with Otto Ammermann. His dam, State Premium Mare, Valente, also produced another son by Weltmeyer that successfully passed the stallion performance test. She also produced an auction horse by Weltmeyer. In the third generation you find Azur, who proved himself in many respects in the Hanoverian breeding area. He as well as Weltmeyer's dam are both by Absatz which is an interesting and often used inbreeding strategy.

WeltgeistThe black stallion, Kadett, did pioneer work in East Frisia and was jointly responsible for improving horse breeding in that area. Numerous top horses in dressage and jumping at international level, many of which had the highly favored black color, gave him an excellent reputation among breeders. Worth mentioning is the fact that Weltgeist's whole dam line is composed of black-colored horses. The patent-leather black Weltgeist finished his performance test as Reserve Champion with a partial index in dressage of 144.75. His high rideability and consistent willingness to perform combined with three outstanding basic paces have made Weltgeist's second show season (2000) highly successful all the way up to Grand Prix. His off-spring, which clearly show who their sire was, have successfully followed in their sire's footsteps at auctions, broodmare shows as well as in dressage and jumping tests.

World Cup I Woermann
Anka Absatz
Valente R


Azira Azur


Height: 16hh
Born: 1995

Havel displays all the superb features of his sire, the deceased dressage star Olympic Cocktail, who has gathered world fame in the international dressage sport with his rider Anky van Grunsven. Cocktail was the best earning KWPN bred dressage horse in the Netherlands and Horse of the Year in spite of his tender years he managed to reach the World Cup Finals in 's-Hertogenbosch. Before his death he took a note-worthy 10th place in the World Ranking. Cocktail descends from an impressive dressage lineage, that goes back through Purio-so and le Val Blanc, to Hessel and Antionio. Cocktail's first breeding season produced the approved sons Havel and Hierarch, both stallions with exceptional dressage potential.In Havel's pedigree we also find the superb upgrader Elan xx who also produced the Medingen Performance Test Champion, Ex Liberis.

HavelIn the third generation we find another stallion with excellent movements, Luctor, by Pericles. It may be clear hat the superb action and great presence of Havel is duly genera-ted by stallions that were bred for dressage performance. Havel was fifth (out of 27) in the performance test and was noted for his natural dressage potential, with a superb canter and very well-applied hindquarters in all basic gaits. The jury considered him an enormously talented dressage stallion and gave him 9's for temperament, stable manners and the training report. Havel won with his rider Loes Corsel his first Prix St.-Georges classes and they made their first appearance at Grand Prix level in 2001. The offspring of Havel are very much in demand, because they show excellent movements and have very good characters. Havel has several offspring doing well in dressage. Havel is one of the leading sires of the dressage index of the KWPN with a score of 186 points.
Purioso Furioso
Ulissa Le Val Blanc


Siralineke Luctor

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