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Stallions Caprimond and Wolfgang

CaprimondCaprimond 1980

Caprimond (Bay, 16.2hh) was reserve champion of the 1987 stallion approvals. He was able to perform in advanced dressage classes under his trainer D Keller at the age of 7 years. To date, he achieved many wins in Prix St George dressage and Intermediate classes and he competes at Grand Prix level today. Caprimond is a true upgrading sire and the best proven sire of type in Trakehner breeding.

Caprimond's offspring also dominate the riding horse auctions. Many top horses by him were sold through auctions, such as Charmeur DM 171,000 and Soulman DM 180,000. His sire Karon was awarded a premium in Neumunster and was successfully competing in advanced dressage competitions. Karon's sire Arogno is regarded as one of the most successful sires of modern times. Karon's dam Karben produced the approved stallion Karim (Le Mexico) at the age of 3 years. Caprimond's dam Capri, a highly esteemed state premium mare who was successful at the German National show and became the country champion mare of Lower Saxony.

Approved Trakehner Hanoverian Oldenburg Hessen and Bavarian Stud Books

CaprimondCaprimond's sire Karon initially covered at the Hamelsschenburg stud-farm and was promoted as a riding horse. He covered in Oldenburg in 1989 and 1990 and thus managed to be represented in diverse state horse breeds before he dropped out of breeding due to a fractured pelvis. The approved riding stallion Chantilly is a full brother of Capri IV's dam Coeur As, who is also a full sister of Uwe Sauer's Grand Prix horse Caro Bube.

Caprimond's lineage goes back to the mare family of Cajenne 6 (by Trara-Imbert-Cid-Hallore). The dam sire Mackensen was decorated as an elite stallion of the Trakehner Association. This bloodline moreover produced a further six approved sons including the significant Carajan, Carlton, Chateauneuf, Cordial as well as Cortez. Caprimond has been serving at the Klosterhof-Medingen stud farm since 1988 and has become one of the most influential sires of Trakehner horses since the Second World War. He has thus far produced thirteen approved sons, six of whom have been awarded the highest score for rideability in their performance test including; Caprigold who was the approvals winner of his age class in 1996. Contucci was approved in Hanover and won a number of riding horse classes before being sold to the USA.

CaprimondSponeck was a highly placed finalist at the Federal Championships. Caprimond's most distinguished son is Hohenstein 1 who has already presented a number of licensed sons in diverse breeds and is a successful Grand Prix dressage horse. Caprimond has sired many first class premium mares which currently total 32. He presented the best German three year old mare Donamarchen II at the Federal mare show and was awarded Trakehner mare of the year in 1994 and along with her full sister Donamarchen 1 was also awarded the prized federal champion family.

In 1996 Caprimond received the rare distinction as being one of only a few foreign stallions to be admitted to the French dressage horse breeding program "Plus Dressage" of the French Breeders association Selle Francaise. In 1995 Caprimond was declared "Elite Trakehner Stallion" due to his positive genetic transmission and his performance record and in 1998 like his grandsires Arogno and Mackensen he was elevated to the status of Trakehner stallion of the year. Also in 1998 the Hanoverian breeding association listed him as the best transmitter of type and in 2000 he was still ranked as the number one transmitter of type.

CaprimondCaprimond was the vice-champion of the stallion approvals in Neumunster. In 1988 he was vice champion three-year old at the German Riding Horse Championships in Schenefeld and won the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf. Then in 1989, Caprimond was awarded first prize at the DLG exhibition in Frankfurt. He rapidly climbed the highest rungs of his career ladder in the dressage sport and has had many wins and high placements in dressage tests up to Grand Prix. As a testament to his temperament he is now being successfully competed by a then twelve year old Theresa Wahler in horse shows around Oldenburg and Neumunster. She can be seen riding him on the video at the Klosterhof-Medingen stallion show.


Caprimond Karon B Arogno FlaneurII
Karben Ibikus
Kaprice II
Capri VI R


Coeur-AS Herzbube

Wolfgang stallion 1980 - Approved KWPN Bay 16.1hh

WolfgangWolfgang gave a striking performance in Ermelo. He earned 9 for his jumping style under saddle,or his stable manners and his work ethic. His off-spring consists of, among others, the overall champion at the brochure show at Drenthe and the most expensive horse at the 1990 Holland sale, Donald (Dfl 84,000). Wolfgang put his stamp at the VSN finals, on which occasion 3 of his progeny finished in the top 5. At the World championships in 1995 his son Illusion won the 5 year old championships. Wolfgang is a son of the legendary 'preferent' Farn. Farn is well represented through approved sons, amongst which is the world renowned Nimmerdor

Wolfgang is a son of the legendary "preferent" stallion Farn (by Fax I). Farn is well reputed through his progeny in show-jumping, such as Odin N., Black and White Design, Trust Me, Nimmerdor, Opstalan's Pasquino, Olympus, Put Optie, Sheffield, Orlando, Talman and Optiebeurs Investment, and as a grandsire of, for example, Felix. Farn has several approved sons, amo-ngst which the worldfamous Nimmerdor. Wolfgang's dam is the very attractive "keur-preferent-performance" mare Jolanda. Her sire is the thoroughbred Erastosthenes xx. He produced such well-known offspring as Iwan F, Hala NB, Cyrano, Horatio, gamin, Oscar and I.Socrates. In the third generation we find Uron (by Nelson). Uron is a pre-eminent example of a Gelders stallion which has put his conformation stamp upon breeding. Wolfgang's full sister, Zwaantje, won several natio-nal 1.40 meter competitions with Pieter Kersten.

WolfgangWolfgang gave a striking performance in Ermelo at the Performance Test. He earned nines for jumping under saddle, stable manners and training behaviour. For both the cross-country and the driving test he was awarded a figure 8,5. In the national stallion competition he was very successful with Henk van den Broek. Wolfgang's offspring includes various approved sons in Europe as well as many international showjumpers such as Extreme with Lesley Burr, Frederic, Goldrun II, Fior, Freedom, and World Champions at Lanaken Illussion and Kigali. These famous children of Wolfgang have been winning at Grand Prix level and World Cups. One of the most famous offspring of Wolfgang is Michael Whitaker's Handel II. They achieved the unthinkable results in Stuttgart by winning both the Grand Prix and the Masters. Wolfgang also has several offspring doing well in dressage. Both Jester with Kebie v.d. Heijden and Whinny Jackson compete at Prix St.Georges level. Wolfgang is a beautiful "allround" stallion that produces both dressage horses and showjumpers.

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