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HM Topaz Mareekk Champagne Part Bred Arab Stallion

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HM Topaz Mareekk Champagne Part Bred Arab Stallion

EVA NegativeYes
Additionnal DisciplinesDressage Endurance Eventing Show Jumping
Height Range15 - 15.3hh
Countries Semen AvailableAustralia Canada Europe UK USA
Stud Fee 250
Actual Height15.2 hh
Year of Birth 2009  
BreedArab Part Bred
Comment / QualitiesHM Topaz Mareekk is a 75% Partbred Arabian, approved, performance tested officially measured as 15.2 hh - 158 cm in the beautiful rare color Champagne colouring.

Mareek is currently the tallest approved part bred champagne arab stallion that can be used to in a warmblood breeding program. He carries one champagne gene and will pass the champagne gene to approximately 50% to his foals. (N/CH, E/E, A/a)

With his beautiful large amber eyes, chiselled arab head, silky coat and beautiful long mane this charismatic stallion moves with harmony and grace. His steps are light footed and flowing with a very a good canter and fantastic jumping ability.

With nerves of steel, a healthy dose of curiosity and extraordinary surefootedness are the positive attributes that make him a reliable riding partner.

His frozen semen is very good quality.

Photographs courtesy of Stephen Rasche-Hilpert, Germany and to Susanne Hoffmann, Germany
Hm Topaz Mareekk 
Hm Topaz Mareekk 
Grand Sire
Hi Fashion Mreekh 
Great Grand Sire
Ibn el Mareekh 
Great Grand Dam
Hi-fashion Hitesa  
Grand Dam
Bint Bint Haniya 
Great Grand Sire
Anaza el Farid 
Great Grand Dam
Bint el Mareekh 
Hm Sassie Suzy Q 
Grand Sire
Moniet el Badi 
Great Grand Sire
Shaikh Al Glory 
Great Grand Dam
AK LA Sultana 
Grand Dam
Hm Topaz Krystal 
Great Grand Sire
Hm Kristal 
Great Grand Dam
Hm Topaz Suzy 
Published 01/06/2016

Contact Information

Company NameSolaris Sport Horses Ltd
NameRosalyn Serex
Web Sitewww.solaris-sport-horses.co.uk
Telephone Number0044 (0) 1786 825768
Mobile/Cellular Number0044 (0) 7590813509
Telefax Number0044 (0) 1786 825768
Postal address Balhaldie Farm
Central Scotland

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